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Product description
YH QC Technical features
Retainer End piece
QC Size 10.0-ID8-180°
PA tube 10x1mm
Medium  gasoline , diesel ,air ,water ,oil vapor
Operating pressure 5 to 7 bar...
Operating temperatures -30°C up to +120°C
engine compartment:-40°C up to +115°C
short time up to +150°C



YH QC advantages


YH has 35 sets of injection machines,one of them is arburg injection machines 470C(germany),3 sets of fully automatic assembly machines for quick connecctor of 7.89 series,9.89 series and 15.82 series,3 sets of semi-automatic for quick connector of 9.49 and 17.5 series,more than 400 toolings/moulds for QCs and components,over 300 types of  all various quick connectors.  Small products to support most of famous cars,such as FAW,GEELY,FOTON,BMW,JAC,SOUTHEAST,GREATWALL.... 



Applications in the automotive industry


Can be used to make both line-to-line or line-to-equipment connections.

· Fuel feed / return lines

· tank breathing

· Ventilation lines

· Oil cooler lines

· Vacuum control lines

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